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Welcome to Lopar

Lopar is a popular holiday destination due to the numerous sandy beaches that surround the place, the most famous of which is the Paradise Beach.

The exceptional beauty of the natural landscape and a series of sandy beaches along the very indented coast attract nature lovers throughout the year. 

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Island of Rab

The island of Rab is situated in the northern Adriatic Sea as part of the Kvarner archipelago. There are about 9 000 inhabitants living on the island. 
The first and foremost factor that enabled the development of tourism in the island was the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the main features of which are warm summers and mild winters.
The average number of sunshine hours on the island is 2 497 hours annually.

The average summer temperature is 26 ºC, while the average bathing temperature from May to October reaches to over 23 ºC.

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